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A variety of videos about Van's Aircraft. Everything from building tips to actual flight.

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Holy Crap! How do we Start? - RV Build Status VLOG #2 Holy Crap! How do we Start? - RV Build Status VLOG #2 - FlightChops
RV-14 Kit arrival feels like best Xmas present Ever!
Van's RV-7: Flying Low and Fast Van's RV-7: Flying Low and Fast - Dead Reckoner
More tailwheel flying, this time flying low and fast over the watery sandbanks of Pilling Sands, near Blackpool.
GoPro - We've come a long way - Hero 4 / Hero 7 Compare GoPro - We've come a long way - Hero 4 / Hero 7 Compare -
GoPro for Aviation has come a long way. In this video, we did a side-by-side compare of the GoPro Hero Black 4 and the GoPro Hero Black 7, showing the difference in quality and the incredible image stabilization feature of the Hero 7. I decided to not color correct or grade on any of the video clips, in order to show the differences between the camera qualities. All videos clips were shot at the same time using a dual mount I found at Amazon:
Fredericksburg TX RV Gathering Fredericksburg TX RV Gathering - 2FlyAmerica
A great trip to the Vans RV gathering in Fredericksburg, Texas at the Hangar Hotel.
FlightChops is going to build an RV-14! FlightChops is going to build an RV-14! - FlightChops
Steve Thorne has the bug and is going to build an RV!
RV-10 Fuselage Update RV-10 Fuselage Update - Jason Ellis
Skins and 954 holes, Bent Ribs, Fluting and Access.

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Rod Machado Flight School Training Aviation Real Estate Specialist Video
Aviation Real Estate Specialist Van's Aircraft Builder Tshirts!
Wings and Wheels Aircraft tools and instruction books.
Cool stuff for Pilots! Helping companies maximize job advertisement reach
World's Only PSRU Resolving Torsional Harmonics by Use of a Centrifugal Clutch. (formerly Geared Drives)
In The Pattern Aviation Services
Born Aviation Wholesale Gift Products Van's Aircraft - Total Performance
This Facebook Page is everyone interested in Aviation and the beautiful aircraft from Van's Aircraft. All pilots and aviation enthusiasts are welcome!