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The Dove
The Dove - Jeff smith
RV-6 Sunset
RV-6 Sunset - Merl Potter
Taken at the Ann Arbor, MI airport…KARB, my RV-6.
Matt Dralle's RV8
Matt Dralle's RV8 "Ruby Vixen" N998RV - Matt Dralle
Ruby Vixen finally painted after 12 years in Bare Metal and Primer...
Not just a pretty face
Not just a pretty face - Tom Argentieri
My daughter helping me rivet the top wing skins on my 9A. Came out like glass
RV-10 sunset
RV-10 sunset - Matt Van Eck
RV-3B Camping P17 Greater Breezewood Regional Airport
RV14a over Langebaan Lagoon
RV10 in front of Table Mountain
RV10 in front of Table Mountain - Robin Coss
Taken over Robben Island in Cape Town South Africa
RV-12 - Don Lewis
RV-7 at FASH, South Africa
RV-7 at FASH, South Africa - Martin Reynolds
My RV-7 at Stellenbosch airfield, South Africa as ZU-MGR before re-importing it back in to the USA where it now lives at KMRB as N1977M.
Packwood WA
Packwood WA - Brooks Wolfe
Packwood (55S) has it all — mountainous terrain, short field, and tall trees at the arrival end to practice on. There are several restaurants in walking distance; my favorite is Cliff Droppers, for that $100 hamburger.
Colorado Fall
Colorado Fall - Brian Beatty
I completed a photo shoot with the Colorado Div. Of Aeronautics for the cover of the Colorado Airport Directory. This is one of the shots. I have full permission to use and distribute as long as Shahn’s name is at the bottom right. Cheers. Brian

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