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Van's Luftwaffe Van's Luftwaffe - Tom Kachmar
Getting there on my RV-12iS! Getting there on my RV-12iS! - Smitty Smith
Now saving my pemmies for the fuselage.
RV-6 Oregon RV-6 Oregon - Greg
Playing with 2024 T3 aluminum cowl
PaddyO's RV-8 PaddyO's RV-8 - Pat O'Brien
First RV-8 purchased from builder who completed it 10 years earlier but flown very little. Painted last year and have enjoyed flying over 200 hours since then.
Little Bluebird , new RV10 Little Bluebird , new RV10 - Gary Rosier
Built by Ted Chang and his wife assisting...they live in Spruce Creek Fly-In. Gorgeous custom paint too! I photographed it last week with his permission and photo Ship flown by Craig Cousins.
Smokie arriving at Petit Jean RV Gathering 2019 Smokie arriving at Petit Jean RV Gathering 2019 - Jerry Homsley
This is Marvin “Smokie” Homsley’s beautiful RV-4 on arrival at the largest RV flyin in America on Petit Jean Mountain (KMPJ) in Arkansas. His Warbird paint scheme is complimented by racks of simulated Sidewinder Missiles under each wing. Appropriately named “Armed and Dangerous”
From the cockpit From the cockpit - Jerry Homsley
From the cockpit of my RV-9a near Jonesboro, AR
Close Trail Close Trail - Jerry Homsley
Bulldog Formation Flight Team in close trail over central Arkansas.

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