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  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Thomas Argentieri

    With the help of my oldest I made some major progress on the 9A today. Mounted the horizontal stabilizer and fit the right wing. Very exciting.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Carl Wood

    One more color to add (Black) then some checkerboard on the tail and clear coat!!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Matt Cheely

    Working on cutting the panel tonight. This is not the ideal machine to cut sheet metal but screwing the panel to a piece of particle board works well.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Lynn Dixon

    Flop tube time

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Brian Douglas Beatty

    Another very busy day where you feel like you didn’t accomplish much but you in fact do. It was firewall forward day. Torquing, marking, safety wiring, cotter pins, and overall QC of the engine compartment. I have one baffle screw to install behind the oil dipstick fill tube that I cannot conceivably figure out how to install. I’ll need a little 9yr old hand (good thing I have one of those at my disposal!). I also prepped and filled the fuel tanks to get ready for the fuel system testing and calibration. There was also a mandate to fill the gap left on the standard Vans baffle kit to fill the air hole for the tapered cylinders, which I have. I fabricated those and installed with Cherrymax rivets. More to come!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Matt Dralle

    My friend took this awesome picture of my RV-8 "Ruby Vixen" N998RV, back in 2017. Found it today, and thought I'd share....

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

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