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No Paint! - Van's Aircraft RV-10 No Paint! - Van's Aircraft RV-10 - Flight Frames
Van's Aircraft RV-10 taking off at Blue Grass Airport (KLEX) in Lexington, Kentucky. This aircraft appears to have recently been built as it was yet to be painted.
N214KS First Flight RV-14A N214KS First Flight RV-14A - Stephen Sizemore
First Flight!
16th Birthday Solo in RV14 16th Birthday Solo in RV14 - RV-10 / RV-14 Adventures
After completing an RV14, Danielle and her Dad got in the flight training groove.
RV-12 First Flight RV-12 First Flight - MC-Aviation
This is the first flight of this RV-12. Very cool! Love the paint scheme.
Van's Aircraft RV-14 Overview & First Flight Van's Aircraft RV-14 Overview & First Flight - SOCALFLYBOY
Vans aircraft introduces the RV14. This video from Vans highlights the newest kit to the Vans lineup.
Van's RV-7 FIrst flight Van's RV-7 FIrst flight - Simon Hitchen
First flight of C-FCSH - Van's Aircraft RV-7.
RV-10 First Flight RV-10 First Flight - BrBreck
Builder and Pilot Randy DeBauw. May 20th, 2005. Aurora Airport, KUAO
RV-12 First Flight RV-12 First Flight - Justin Inman
It flies! And it flies well. First flight of Van's Aircraft RV-12 N124KD was 3-10-2017 at 12:00pm local time. The rain took a day off, and the low morning overcast cleared up due to a light southerly wind. After a normal takeoff and climb to 3000 feet to orbit over the airport, all engine temps settled into their expected values. Handling qualities were excellent and normal. Congratulations to Ken and LaVeta Day on a nice airplane.

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