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Four mini Tips for Homebuilders Four mini Tips for Homebuilders - HomebuiltHELP
This week's Tip is really a collection of 4 new mini Tips for experimental aircraft builders. Two of these demonstrate tools in action. Here's a link to some pop rivet pullers that are less expensive than the one in the video.
Stopping Corrosion in Metal Aircraft Stopping Corrosion in Metal Aircraft - HomebuiltHELP
A brief introduction to Fluid Thin Film coatings such as ACF-50 and CorrosionX and how they work in protecting metal aircraft from corrosion. This is a viable strategy for homebuilders that can be used to protect their investment from harsh environments. For more information on this product, CLICK HERE!
DRDT-2 Frame build DRDT-2 Frame build - Andrew Atalla
DRDT-2 cutting and welding up the frame for the Front End Kit.
Polishing Aluminum Aircraft Parts Polishing Aluminum Aircraft Parts - HomebuiltHELP
A demonstration of using a Scotch-Brite wheel to debur and polish aluminum parts used in fabricating a homebuilt aircraft.
Using Power Tools to Cut Access Openings in Metal Aircraft Using Power Tools to Cut Access Openings in Metal Aircraft - HomebuiltHELP
Demonstration of using a popular Dremel-type rotary tool to cut an opening in the skins of metal aircraft.
Bending Aircraft Metal 101 Bending Aircraft Metal 101 - Glen Hodgkinson
This video takes you through the basic theory of bending a piece of Aircraft Aluminum over ninety degrees.


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