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RV Aircraft News Stories

BC Floods - Onboard with Private Pilots Response

Emergency Response to BC Floods by General Aviation. Rivers are exploding, Destroying massive sections of roads and land.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Bonnie Cafe, Mt Vernon, IL

The Bonnie Cafe, located in the Mt Vernon airport terminal building, features home-style Midwest comfort food, with fast, friendly service, low prices, and great big panoramic windows looking out onto the ramp. Park your airplane directly in front of the terminal, and admire it while having a great meal. Locally family owned and operated restaurant, offering good home cooked food at reasonable prices On the Field. - Submitted by Matthew Deis

RV Aircraft News Stories

Aircraft Propeller Adapter for V8 Auto Engines - DEMO Run!

Stuart Davis of Auto PSRU demonstrates a real time demonstration of his company's geared drive on an automotive engine, allowing the conversion of auto engines for aircraft use. Please visit our website: http://VansAircraftBuilders.com/

RV Aircraft News Stories

How to Diagnose and Fix a Heavy Wing

If there is one question that requires a lot of time answering at Van's it is the "I just did my first flight and a wing is heavy, what do I do?" question. It usually is followed by the corollary "which aileron am I supposed to squash?"

RV Aircraft News Stories

Stewart Systems Aircraft Paint Overview

Stewart Systems is the standalone industry leader in waterborne coatings technology for the aerospace industry. With a proven FAR Part 23 certified system that is STC’d for nearly all fabric covered aircraft as well as metal and composite aircraft, the future is here. The Stewart Systems process not only looks great and will last for decades, but it is non-flammable, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and easy to use. In this video Dan Stewart gives an overview of the Stewart Systems products and process.

Stewart Systems
RV Aircraft News Stories

Final Approach Restaurant, Greencastle, IN

Great food, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, open all week except Mondays. Saturday mornings, a great day to meet other pilots and friends. Hours: Monday: Closed, Tuesday: 8 Am - 8 Pm, Wednesday: 8 Am - 8 Pm, Thursday: 8 Am - 8 Pm, Friday: 8 Am - 9 Pm, Saturday: 7 Am - 9 PmDAY : 8 A - 3 P - Submitted by James Spore

RV Aircraft News Stories

Buss Bars

EAA SportAir Workshops instructor and A&P/IA Dick Koehler discusses buss bars, shows examples, and reviews the operation to create a clean and organized electrical system.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Painting Robert Skinner's Vans RV-10

Custom painted carbon fiber, color fades, hand airbrushed drop shadows, and a faded checkerboard... what else could you want?? This Vans RV-10 is one stunning aircraft with a sleek paint scheme design to top it off and finish off this project for Robert. Our Plane Schemer and Evoke Aviation team knocked this project out of the park with this one!

Jonathan McCormick
RV Aircraft News Stories

63B Runway Restaurant, Limington, ME

Wonderful menu, great breakfast and luncheons. Open daily until 2 pm. Telephone 207-637-2210. Restaurant at the end of runway 11. - Submitted by Keith Merrick

RV Aircraft News Stories

Why We Fly?

Pop psychologist Leo Buscaglia once said, “When you learn something new, you become something new.” This is a vivid description of the benefits of learning to fly.

Rod Machado

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