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RV Aircraft News Stories

Pat Longs Military Spacewalker II - T-6 Texan Style!

Check out Pat Long's new Homebuilt Aircraft, a Spacewalker II - T-6 Texan Style! We traveled to McKinney, TX at McKinney National Airport to see his latest creation, a Spacewalker II, with some unique modifications that we think you’ll find very interesting.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Susie's Skyway Restaurant, Prescott, AZ

"Excellent food. Airport can be very busy with students from Embry-Riddle." - Submitted by PeteG

RV Aircraft News Stories

Aerobatics in a RV4!!! Intro to Aeros

Fly along on an introduction to aerobatics in the RV4.

Stu's Aircraft Factory
RV Aircraft News Stories

Mike Walker

Prop is on!

RV Aircraft News Stories

Brian Douglas Beatty

Flew into The Wings Over the Rockies monthly pancake breakfast this weekend. Way too much fun with these things! Keep building y’all!!!

RV Aircraft News Stories

Delrin Aileron Stops

I've read on some of the groups about some builders that are opting to use Delrin rods as control stops rather than the aluminum control stops as called for in the plans. This seemed to me to be an elegant solution to this application. The rod I chose is 7/8 inches in diameter as is about the same size as the washer that goes next to it. From what I understand the RV-7 and the RV-8 uses a small diameter delrin rod. I got the idea for using a delrin rod from an RV8 website that I found, and purchased mine from Aircraft Spruce.

Smitty's RV
RV Aircraft News Stories

GoPro MAX 360 Flight and How to Edit the Video

While I'm still building my Van's RV-12iS, I wanted to test my GoPro MAX 360 Cameras. I mounted 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras on my Cessna 172 aircraft to try out my new 360 cameras. I also show how to edit the GoPro Max 360 footage using the GoPro Player video editing software.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Pierangelo Testa

My own rv3.

RV Aircraft News Stories

BBQ! Hard Eight BBQ, Stephenville, TX

The best BBQ in Texas!!! A fun place to fly into. Follow the dirt road to Hard Eight for some fall off the bone ribs or brisket. The Hard Eight Family enjoys sharing what they love; a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and some good 'ole southern hospitality. Hard Eight is an authentic eating experience where you will be served Texas Style straight from the pit by the Pit Master who prepared your food. Airport: KSEP - Stephenville Clark Regional Airport, Stephenville, Texas - Submitted by zero_niner

RV Aircraft News Stories

Rudi Greyling

Building Inspiration: Morning Sunshine! Ready for our magic carpet ride?

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