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Airflow Performance Inc.

Airflow Performance Inc. (API) was founded by Don Rivera in 1984. An engineer and A&P, Don began his career at the Bendix Energy Controls Division, working for Elmer Haase, the inventor of the RS and RSA fuel injection system. Don ultimately became the Project Engineer responsible for the RS and RSA product line. Airflow Performance has designed and built fuel injection systems for 2-stroke, 4-stroke, rotary, radial, air cooled, liquid cooled, naturally aspirated, and turbo/supercharged engines ranging from 60 to 3000 horsepower. API systems are found on a wide variety of wheeled vehicles, boats, and aircraft. The staff is capable of engineering, design, prototype machining, and fabrication to meet any fuel system requirement. Complete installation of fuel systems can be done in-house, with appropriate documentation. Laboratory services are available for airbox tests, high pressure ratio air flow testing, and of course, fuel flow calibration. For more than 30 years, Airflow Performance has offered the best possible value in fuel metering design, systems integration, and customer service. To fuel your dream, contact Don, Kyle, or Colleen today.

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