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Facebook - Van's Aircraft Builders

This group is for everyone interested in Aviation and the beautiful aircraft from Van's Aircraft. All pilots and aviation enthusiasts are welcome!

Facebook - Van's RV-12 Builders

RV-Nation is an organization formed for the purpose of serving those who enjoy the sport of building experimental RV Aircraft, to revive the grass roots of flying, and to generate aviation interest in our youth so as to preserve the sport of experimental flight for generations to come.

Facebook - Van's RV-7

Some crazy individuals build and fly experimental airplanes. If your plane is a Van's RV-7, please lets hear about it. Post images and videos too if you want. Genuine owner/builders only.

Twitter - Van's Aircraft

Tweets from Van's.

Twitter - Van's Aircraft Builders

Help for the Homebuilder! is for Van's Aircraft Builders, helping them find the information they need to build this dynamic Aircraft.

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