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Anti Splat

Anti-Splat-Aero is very proud to offer a new revolutionary product ( THE NOSE JOB ) as a partial solution to the nose gear leg fears of many RV-A model builders, current owners and potential buyers of these wonderful aircraft.

Flange Style Axle - Matco

This axle assembly is an excellent replacement for two piece axles used on the RV style nose gear fork.

Grove Nose Gear Upgrade

For improved aircraft handling and safety.

Tow Bars by Bogi-Bar

Operation: Extend the handle easily with high-shear quick release pin. Apply forward pressure on the spreader bar to open the wishbone jaws. Line up Bogi-Bar attachments at the tow points or axle depending on model. Release the tension on the spreader bar and youre Locked-On! The tow bar will not slip off the plane. Reversal for removal. Extended, the Bogi-Bars are slightly over 4 feet long unless noted.
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