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Delrin Rod Aileron Stops

How to install a delrin rod for an aileron stop.

Fiberglass 101

Filling in the Cracks. Smitty decided to share what he has learned in his crack filling episodes where the fiberglass meets the metal, namely the elevators, rudder and horizontal stabilizer. He has been picking the brains of those who have covered their cracks (he-he) in the past.

Nutplate Preparation

After dimpling and hand countersinking the rivet holes in the rear wing spar, it gave Smitty a new idea on how to prepare the nutplates for the splice strip. Below are the steps he used to dimple and countersink the nutplates.

Rod-end Bearing Tightener

Control Surface Rod-end Bearing Tightener

RV-9A Wing Cradle Construction

Photos, Tools, with step by step wing cradle construction.

Bolt Holder

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