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The AeroSun Vx was designed for the Vans RV 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 wingtips as a landing, taxi and recognition light. (Reference Installation Eligibility Form by clicking on link). The Vx offers a separate Taxi, Landing light circuits and has a built in wig-wag or pulse feature.

Aveo Engineering

AveoEngineering is a world-leading producer of high-technology electronics solutions and innovative LED lighting products for the aviation, marine, vehicle, mining, industrial, and obstruction warning/safety markets worldwide.

Duckworks Aviation

Duckworks Aviation was started in 1992 by Don & Janet Wentz. As Don was finishing the wings for his RV-6 he developed a Landing Light kit that addressed some issues with kits that were available then. When Van's asked if we wanted to add it to their Accessory Catalog, we agreed and sales really took off. Since then Duckworks lights have been the preferred RV Landing Light system.


Our background is in advanced electronics and we have been involved in the experimental aviation community for years. After reviewing the products on the market, we knew we could build position and strobe lighting better for cheaper for the experimental aviation market. The product set has been extensively tested, and as expected from LED technology, is virtually bullet proof.

Landing lights and LED navigation light kits.

Whelen Aircraft Strobes

State of the art warning devices for the aviation industry.

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