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Construction Work Table

EAA Chapter 1000 Standardized Work Tables Plans and Building Instructions

EAA How-To Books

The Official EAA Merchandise Catalog.

EAA SportAir Workshops

Build your own airplane! Let us show you how.

Fiberglass 101

Filling in the Cracks. Smitty decided to share what he has learned in his crack filling episodes where the fiberglass meets the metal, namely the elevators, rudder and horizontal stabilizer. He has been picking the brains of those who have covered their cracks (he-he) in the past.

Fiberglass Tutorial

"Fiberglass!", "Why does it always have to be Fiberglass?" Tutorial on a fiberglass modification to a FAB airbox.

RV Training Project Practice Kit

This is a training project used to introduce prospective RV builders to the materials and techniques used in putting together an RV kit. You'll assemble a short section of control surface and, in the process, learn the basic sheet metal skills needed during actual kit construction.

RV-9A Wing Cradle Construction

Photos, Tools, with step by step wing cradle construction.

Sheet Metal Video

Demo of constructing the RV Training Project Practice Kit *(go to "Videos", "Other Videos", and look for "Sheet Metal Tools").

Texas Welding Schools

Texas Welding Schools helps inform people about every Texas state-approved welding program in their area. They have information about programs located in major metro areas like Houston, DFW, and San Antonio, as well as an interactive map that displays all programs across the state. The site also has resources on how to find financial aid for welding schools, welding programs for veterans, what to expect from welding school, and other educational resources on the blog.

Toolbox Kit Practice Project

The Toolbox Kit comes with documentation, along with all the parts and rivets needed to complete the toolbox. This training project consists of several pre-punched parts that are riveted together to form the box and lid and a hinge to hold them together.

Wing Incidence Drilling

Drilling the Wing — Simplified. Don’t put in all of the wing attach bolts right away! You may have to remove each wing a couple of times in this process. Just put in four bolts in a square pattern for each wing. Don’t use the good bolts! Put in hardware store variety and grease them and the holes in the spar to protect the spar and facilitate insertion.

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