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RV Aircraft News Stories
Vans RV-9A N194AK Arrives at Butler
Fellow aviator Frank just took delivery of his RV-9A flown in from Florida. Take a look.
Roy Ernest
RV Aircraft News Stories
Airport Steakhouse, Matoon, IL
"Airport Steakhouse on field. Great food and excellent breakfasts." - Submitted by David Grant
RV Aircraft News Stories
Van's RV-10 Wings - Ailerons, Part 2 of 2
In this video, we finished the ailerons. Enjoy!
Austin Manke
RV Aircraft News Stories
Elevation 89, Ocala, FL
"A place friends and family could gather for good food, drinks and conversation in a unique environment featuring soaring views of planes taking off and landing along with the added bonus of beautiful sunsets." - Submitted by Mike
RV Aircraft News Stories
Vans RV-12iS out for a spin
Come take a flight in our RV-12iS with the Amazing Garmin G3X and Garmin GTN 650xi. Get your instrument rating for a lot less then traditional schools.
Flying Cacti, LLC
RV Aircraft News Stories
Arena's at the Airport, Georgetown, DE
"Wonderful airport restaurant located at the terminal. Great seating overlooking the runways. Good food as well." - Submitted by John
RV Aircraft News Stories
Flush Rivet Flap Hinge
This morning I countersank and double flush rivet the left flap hinge. I used the deburring tip for the countersinking very slowly so as not to go too deep. I also attached the nut plate for the rod end attachment.
RV Aircraft News Stories
AirCentre, LLC, Bethany, OK
"AirCentre is your one stop shop for all your pilot supplies, gift ideas and aircraft parts needs. Conveniently located on Wiley Post Airport, Hangar 15. We hope to see you soon! " - Submitted by MICHELE HENRICKSEN
RV Aircraft News Stories
Slatington Airport, Saltington, PA
"Free trail bikes and camping along the Lehigh River. Hike the mountain trail, or fish for trout. CTAF opens bike shed." - Submitted by Eugene Salvatore
RV Aircraft News Stories
Stafford Air and Space Museum, Weatherford, OK
"The Stafford Air and Space Museum is attached to the Weatherford Stafford Airport in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Housing one of the largest collections of aviation and spaceflight artifacts in the Midwest, it truly is a hidden gem! From a full-scale replica of the Wright Flyer to an actual Titan II rocket, this museum has something for everyone! Fly-Ins that purchase fuel get FREE admission so make sure you visit One of Oklahoma's Must See Attractions!" - Submitted by Chaney
RV Aircraft News Stories
2023 SUN 'n FUN Aerospace Expo NOTAM
Fly through the SUN 'n FUN NOTAM with us! This video is for educational purposes only. All pilots should follow the FAA-approved NOTAM for SUN 'n FUN. Click here for more information:
SUN ''n FUN Aerospace Expo
RV Aircraft News Stories
Pelicans Landing, Grass Strip By The Lake, Gordonville, TX
"Land to the west, takeoff to the east on the best grass strip you have ever landed on. Tiedowns available, cabins, walk to the diner to eat in the evenings, or lunch on the weekends. On nice days, it turns into a mini fly-in." - Submitted by Jimmy Keith Walton
RV Aircraft News Stories
RV-10 | Wings | Testing Left Fuel Tank For Leaks | RV-Builder
Join us on the build of our airplane, an RV-10. In this video we are testing the left fuel tank for leaks. Cross your fingers and watch along as we complete the check. Can we go 4-0 on building fuel tanks?!?!
RV Aircraft News Stories
Marfa Gliders Soaring Center, MARFA, TX
"Since 1960, the exceptional thermal soaring weather of southwest Texas near the scenic Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park has attracted gliding enthusiasts from around the world. Site of the 1970 World Soaring Contest, first in the USA and dedicated as a National Landmark of Soaring in 2008. Enjoy an introductory glider flight or lesson with Burton Compton, Master Flight Instructor and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for all glider ratings including Private, Commercial and Initial CFI-G by appointment. Email and click on this link to a short video of soaring at Marfa, Texas: " - Submitted by Burton Compton
RV Aircraft News Stories
RV10 Build 26 - Zip Tips Installation Tips
The Aveo Engineering Zip Tip Premiers are just plain sexy. In this video I am going to show you how I installed the Zip Tips on my RV10 and some tips I learned from other builders to help prevent the gap to the aileron that so many builders complain about.
Pilot Rhino
RV Aircraft News Stories
The Apron, Jackson, MI
"Nice little airport restaurant. You can taxi almost up to the door. Quick service, interesting menu." - Submitted by John Streyle

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