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RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's RV-12iS Pop Riveting in Tight Places

The majority of riveting on the RV-12iS is done with the LP4-3 Pop Rivet. Most go in very easily, but some require a great trick from Van's, an angled wedge that allows the installation of a Pop Rivet in situations where the pop rivet gun barrel is too large to use perpendicular to a surface.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Because I Fly! Episode 3: Wichita for a $100 Steak, RV-7 $100 Hamburger

Pilots LOVE $100 hamburgers (or barbecue, steak...whatever, as long as you can get there by airplane). My best friend offered to buy me a steak at Wichita's premier aviation-themed steakhouse. Because I fly, how could I resist?

RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans RV 7 HINT Video Fitting Wings

Using plumb bobs for alignment.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Nut and Bolt Torque Values

The importance of correct torque application cannot be overemphasized. Undertorque can result in unnecessary wear of nuts and bolts, as well as the parts they secure. Overtorque can cause failure of a bolt or nut from over-stressing the threaded areas. Uneven or additional loads that are applied to the assembly may result in wear or premature failure. The following are a few simple, but important procedures, that should be followed to ensure that correct torque is applied.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Single Flare Tubing - 1donagin

A segment for a Fluid Lines and Fittings class. Shows how to make a 37 degree aviation flare in rigid aluminum line.

RV Aircraft News Stories

VANS RV4 to POPHAM - Beats driving there any day!

We flew to Popham so John could help his son replace a wheel bearing on his MG Midget. The one hour flight each way saved a drive of over 8 hours!

RV Aircraft News Stories

RV-12iS Pop Rivet Wedge Tool and Rudder Hinges

There were 2 AEX Wedges in the kit that were 3 inches long that we altered to make a bunch wedge tools for installing pop-rivets at an angle. These wedges are only tools and aren't part of the aircraft. AEX wedges are also used in closing the trailing edges of the ailerons and flaps on other models, like the RV-9A.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Vans RV-8 Aircraft Buying Experience

This video is about a pilot's experience, selling his current airplane and looking for a Van's RV Aircraft.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's Aircraft Polo Shirts

Glidan brand soft ultra cotton polos are 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Van's Aircraft logo embroidered on front of shirt.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Crimping Standard Aviation Wire Terminals Using Simple Crimper

This video shows you how to crimp standard aviation quality wire terminals using the standard type of crimper. NOTE: While these crimpers are much cheaper than the certified kind, they are not the standard automotive crimpers. They have dies specific and appropriate to these terminals.

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