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  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Flyleds - Lighting kits for Van's RV aircraft Customer review of the lighting system designed by Flyleds.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Robert Gilstrap

    Not specifically a vans so if its got to go let me know BUT. Every time i watch a Mike Patey video I want to build a fighter jet and take over the world.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Vans Aircraft Builders

    RV-12iS Tail-kit Should Arrive Today!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Dave Hock

    Sad and happy, time to take it all apart so I can start deburring a billion holes and dimple before I can rivet it all back together!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Clifton Shuman

    Just received an early birthday fuel injected Lycoming engine (IO-360) for my RV-7.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Start Building!

    Van's Aircraft recently visited the Petit Jean, Arkansas fly-in, and we were reminded again of what a fantastic community the 9,500 strong RV builders have formed all over the world!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Michael Malone

    Just made the big cut on the canopy. So far, so good. Thank you to all those who have great blogs that helped me to understand the process. Particularly Bruce Swayze’s site. Lots of useful tips.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Michael Anderson

    Horizontal stabilizer coming along.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Inspection Day: What to Expect when Using a DAR (homebuilt aircraft)

    Before flying a newly built experimental homebuilt aircraft, the builder must have his aircraft inspected by either the FAA or a DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative ). Many times the FAA is too busy or unavailable to perform these inspections, so we must turn to a DAR to perform the service. In this video we interview a DAR who explains how a DAR functions in this process and what to expect during the inspection. Learn how to get started with your aircraft inspection and certification using a DAR.

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Rod Machado Pilot Training Course

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