This website was designed for Van's Aircraft Homebuilders, helping them find the information they need to build the most dynamic aircraft in the world. Here you will find Articles, Resources, and Videos, revealing information about every aspect of Homebuilding an RV. This is an independent website, not associated with Van's Aircraft, but built by people who are familiar with RV construction, having participated in the building process.

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Latest Updates and Facebook News

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Darren Fern

    Getting closer to finishing the panel… its taken 4 months so far….

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Kevin Dixon

    Well the wings made the move to the hanger without incident! Hopefully the fuselage will be on it's way to join them in the near future!

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Randy Filkins

    Catching up on labeling and sorting the fuse kit hardware. Am I the only one who keeps hardware separated by kit?

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Deirdre M Gurry

    I'm going to replace my RV6 gear fairings. Show me your photos! I'd love to see what others have done before I cut mine.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    John G. Brilhart

    Yesterday, my friend Jason Michael came over to help me rivet the upper aft fuselage skins onto the airframe.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Johan Sverkersson

    Did the incidence adjustment this week end, with the TE coming out straight.

  • RV Aircraft News Stories

    Fiberglass 101

    Filling in the Cracks. Smitty decided to share what he has learned in his crack filling episodes where the fiberglass meets the metal, namely the elevators, rudder and horizontal stabilizer. He has been picking the brains of those who have covered their cracks (he-he) in the past.

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