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RV Aircraft News Stories

RV-7A Aerobatics Lesson with Air Show Pilot Adam Baker - Part 2

In this video I'm flying with an instructor I found who has aerobatic experience in a Vans RV. Adam Baker is a local air show pilot who holds an unlimited ground level waiver. We start out my lesson with reviewing Spin Recovery techniques.

RV Aircraft News Stories

RV-7A: Immelmans and Loops with Rich Graham (former SR-71 Blackbird pilot)

Flying Immelmanns and Loops in my RV-7A with former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Rich Graham.

RV Aircraft News Stories

No Room for a Workbench? Check this out!

Workbench build. Build a fold up work bench that is easy to assemble and stores against the wall for more space in your garage.

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's Aircraft - Broomsticks and Blue Stuff - RV-12iS

Here's how I remove the blue film from the big sheets of metal. Thanks goes out to Jason Ellis for this great tip: Visit his YouTube Channel: Visit his Patreon Page:

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's Aircraft RV-12iS Stabilator Construction Completion

In this video, I'm finishing up construction of the RV-12iS Stabilator.

RV Aircraft News Stories

How much $$$ Lumber to build a Metal Airplane? Lesser-known Costs

The project is nearing completion!

RV Aircraft News Stories

Van's Up-Powered RV-14A Walkaround

What's new with the RV-14A? Van's Greg Hughes walks us through the changes for the '14 and the updates surrounding the Lycoming IO-390-EXP119 engine.

RV Aircraft News Stories

KP Flight Review: Van's RV-14A with Lycoming IO-390-EXP119 Engine

Van's Aircraft recently began offering a new version of the RV-14 and RV-14A kits with a high-performance Lycoming IO-390 rated at 215 hp. KP editor in chief Marc Cook flew with Van's Greg Hughes for this report.

RV Aircraft News Stories

My RV-Story (Van's RV-4 aircraft)

An RV Adventure

RV Aircraft News Stories

Meeting Mike Patey at the 2020 ACCA's

Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Patey at the ACCA fly-in in Benton, Kansas. Mike is a self-taught engineer/aviation enthusiast who builds amazing, crazy, awesome airplanes! Go search Mike Patey and see his most recent build 'Scrappy.' Hope you enjoy!

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